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The new U.S. sex toy market is on the upswing, with more than 1.2 million new products on the market this year, according to research firm Newzoo.

And while it’s a new industry, the market is poised to grow even more over the next several years.

The firm predicts that total U.A.E. sex toys will grow by more than 5 percent a year between 2019 and 2022.

But in order to reach this goal, sex toy manufacturers will need to get more creative with their designs.

The company predicts that the market will expand by nearly 25 percent between 2020 and 2025, from a projected $9 billion to $20 billion.

“The growth of this new market is so fast that it is going to impact everything from the manufacturing and the sales of our products to the distribution,” said David Binder, NewzOO senior vice president of research.

And the market has been growing quickly because there’s been a shortage of sex toys for women.

“It’s the most exciting time in the history of sex toy manufacturing,” said Lyle LeBlanc, chief product officer of Sex Toys International, which is the largest manufacturer of women’s and children’s sex toys in the U.K. “We’ve seen an unprecedented rise in the popularity of the product and demand for our products.”

Sex toys are so popular, the U,A.A., recently launched a campaign to encourage manufacturers to diversify their products to meet the changing needs of women.

The initiative is part of a broader effort to develop better ways to address women’s needs, like breast-feeding, in the bedroom.

“What we need is a new generation of women to be able to go on a sex toy adventure, which in this case, would be exploring new ways to have sex,” said Elizabeth Boulton, senior vice-president of public affairs at the American Purity Campaign, which supports better-educated, more educated women in the sex toy industry.

“Sex toys are one of the last areas where the industry needs to be thinking more creatively about how they can support their women in their desire to explore and explore new ways of having sex,” she said.

Sex toys that work with both men and ladies have the potential to help increase sexual satisfaction, too.

A recent study from the University of California, Los Angeles, found that women who used a toy that worked with both genders had higher levels of satisfaction and satisfaction with their sex lives than those who didn’t.

“I’m happy to say that sex toys are the one area where the new generation is really showing their true colors, because they are going to make that sex toy their main mode of sexual expression,” said Boulson.


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