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It’s hard to keep up with all the fitness fads out there, but there are some really great ways to boost your fitness.

Whether you’re a novice or someone who has been working hard to get into the game, you can find the best ways to get fit in the latest edition of Lifestyler Fitness.


Use your body to boost the rest of your life This might sound a bit silly, but if you’re going to spend time on your feet, why not use your body?

If you’re running, biking or even walking, it might seem like a little pointless to stick your body out of the way of your workouts, but the more you do, the more benefits you’ll reap.

Just keep your legs moving and you’ll soon find yourself looking forward to your workout every time.

If you do this, you’ll feel better about spending time on the ground.


Use the treadmill to boost cardio fitness The treadmill is an ideal place to train for cardio fitness, as it’s relatively easy to use and is great for people who don’t want to use a machine.

In fact, a treadmill can be the best place to get started, as you’ll be able to improve your fitness levels in an instant.

You’ll also get a chance to work on your aerobic fitness too, as your body will be working harder on your joints and muscles to make you stronger.


Make a running plan for cardio strength You can get your cardio routine under control by using the treadmill as a training tool, but how you do it matters.

You need to choose a running schedule that suits your goals, as many people use running as a way to get away from the gym.

If your plan isn’t going to be as good as you’d like, you could always use a walking schedule instead.

If that doesn’t suit you, you should definitely try a treadmill.

Try to get as many kilometres out of a run as you can, as this will help you build up a muscle mass and strength in your legs and hips.


Use a walking programme to get your aerobic strength Boosting your aerobic power is an important part of your fitness routine, so it’s important that you choose a plan that suits you best.

You should also aim to run 5-10 minutes per hour on your treadmill.

If this is too much, you might be able take a few minutes to do a run on the elliptical.

This can also be a good way to build up your aerobic muscle, as the added strength will help with your fitness in general.

If walking is not your thing, try a running programme instead.

This will also help with building up your strength in the legs, hips and legs.


Use some form of cardio training to boost flexibility in your joints Improve your flexibility is also a key part of a healthy body, so make sure you’re getting a good workout at the gym and make sure that your joints are being exercised.

If doing a walking or treadmill workout doesn’t seem to suit you and you’re looking for something more aerobic, you may want to consider using some form for flexibility training.

This might be running, swimming or some other sport that involves using your muscles to propel yourself forward.

In some cases, you will need to increase your cardiovascular activity as well to do this.

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