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Men’s footwear is a trend that’s been steadily gaining popularity for years now.

But there’s been a major shift in the last few years, with men’s footwear becoming increasingly diverse, with many brands taking cues from women’s footwear styles.

We’ve taken a look at some of the most notable styles in the men’s shoe market to get you started.

For the most part, men’s shoes are simple and versatile.

They’re comfortable, stylish and practical.

Some have even gained a bit of style by incorporating features that women’s shoes don’t have, like mesh, reflective soles, and laces.

However, there are some brands who don’t take their cues from their female counterparts, opting for a more minimalist approach to their footwear.

This includes the likes of Marshalls, Bauer, and Mango.

These three men’s brands are all renowned for their minimalist approach, with their products coming in all shapes and sizes.

These three companies are the best brands to get the most from your pair of men’s sandals.

In addition to their minimalist aesthetic, these three brands have also developed a range of styles and colours that are perfect for every occasion.

Some men’s styles include a classic grey, black and red colour scheme, while others come in a more subdued, blue or red shade.

It’s important to note that these three companies do not take inspiration from the brands of the same brand, but instead from their own personalities.

Marshalls, for example, uses a similar approach to other men’s men’s designs, using an orange and white colour scheme that looks equally good on a man or woman.

Similarly, Bauer has used the same approach with its minimalist styles.

The men’s menswear brand is also a very progressive brand in terms of gender-neutral footwear, and its products are available in a range that is tailored to men and women.

Bauer’s moustache-free, casual men’s line has a classic, modern look, and has been a staple of the men who wear it.

They’ve even recently launched a new men’s silhouette with the same colour scheme.

Mango is the most well-known men’s brand, as well as a men’s travel and outdoor footwear company.

Its men’s collection, which includes boots and bootshirts, is also well known and well loved.

It offers a range with a range, and the Mango men’s collections are well-loved by both men and ladies.

The moustaches of these men’s boots are often the only way you can see the shape of the shoes, and this style of design has become a staple in the brand’s history.

The brand’s men shoes have even been worn by some of today’s most powerful men.

This is a very subtle approach, which allows the men to be very present in their surroundings, while still maintaining their own personality.

The men’s women’s collection is also one of the best known men’s fashion and lifestyle brands.

It is known for its casual, classic look, which is a perfect balance of sporty, stylish, and functional.

The collection is not only stylish, but also has the added benefit of not looking as silly as many men’s style, which often looks like an afterthought.

The women’s men collection also has a very simple design, which makes it a great choice for women, especially those who are looking for a slightly less formal look.

There are also a range options with classic colours, and they also offer a range for men.

The Mango women’s mottos are simple, yet elegant, and have also become a trend with many men.

The Mango logo is a stylised stylised version of the M and M, and it’s been adopted by many men throughout the world.

These men’s silhouettes are a perfect complement to the men in their own wardrobe, and you can be sure they will be a staple on your feet.

Marshall, on the other hand, has opted for a very unique design with their men’s design.

They have a very masculine, classic design, with an eye-catching, contrasting logo.

The logo has also become very popular with men, and Marshall has also released a range in this style.

This moustachioed men’s look has also been a trend amongst some of our best-liked brands, including Bauer, Bauer Classic, and Marshalls.

Marshals men’s skateboard collection has become one of our favourites for its minimalist design and minimalism.

The skateboard-inspired men’s range includes skateboard boots, skateboard shoes, skateboards and a range made for women.

The Marshalls men’s product line also features an eye catching logo, and while this look is a bit less obvious on men, it’s still a very attractive option for women who are interested in a less formal approach.

The Bauer men’s clothing range is a classic look for men, with a sleek,