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The world is obsessed with travel, and in a recent survey, the world’s biggest travel blogs ranked themselves as the world leaders in how much money they make.

And in the United States, those same blogs are also the world champions for the best travel blogs in the world.

Here’s a look at the top 100 most popular travel blogs.

1. $8,856 per month ($5,400 for full-time)The website boasts more than 40 million readers.

But despite that, still makes more than most other travel blogs, with its own ad revenue of more than $8.8 million.

Its $6.2 million in revenue last year is double that of its closest competitor, Daily Traveler.


Daily $7,788 per month($5,300 for full time)The Daily site is a popular destination destination blog, but the site’s $7.7 million revenue last quarter was also well above the $5.7 billion Daily Travel Network earned last year.

3. $4,566 per monthThe blog is the top-grossing travel blog in the U.S., with $4.5 million in revenues last year, more than double that earned by the Daily Travel network.

4. (formerly TravelSpy): $4 1 1/2 million per month, including an additional $1.1 million in advertising revenue ($6,000 per month)The travel blogger that started it all.

4,500% growth in revenue in six years.

5. $2,946 per month$2,000 for full use, plus $1,000 in advertising ($3,000/month)6. : $2.2 billion in revenue, including $1 billion in ad revenue ($2.6 billion)7. : $1 million per year ($2 million/year)The largest travel blog of all time.

The site makes more money per reader than any other travel site.8. TripFinance): $1 1/5 million per reader, plus an additional 8 million in ad sales ($5 million/month, and more than 50% of revenue from direct sales): $2 million ($3 million/1,500 people)9. $1 4 million per person, plus about $300,000 ($4 million/2,500 readers)10.”The Trip Wire” and “Trip Advisor” sites.

( and Trip are both owned by TripAdvertisers.

Trip Wire and TripAdvisory are owned by Digital Trends.)11. and Network: $250 million and $200 million in sales ($1 million/user)12., TripWiz, TripGiz and TripWise: $200.5 in sales for each person, with $1 in advertising, per month for about 1.3 million people (6% of total visits)13.

TripCity.comand TripCityNetwork: $125 million and more, plus more than 100,000 people (20% of all visits)14.

“The TripLifestyles” and TripLifestyle” sites: $500 million and up, including about $400 million in ads ($10 million/person)15.” and its parent company TripAdvertising: $30 million, including a $5 million ad buy in 201516.” and TravelMoney Network: The site’s annual ad revenue is $4 million, plus a lot more money from direct-sales and affiliate sales17. $6 million per subscriber, plus some $4 billion in direct and indirect revenue.

18.”The World’s Largest Travel Blog” and the “World’s Loneliest Travel Blog”: $6 billion in sales, plus another $3 billion in advertising19. “Moguls Travel Guide” and other sites: About $3.5 billion in total sales, with some $1 trillion in ad spend20.”: About $2 billion, with more than a billion people paying off coupon codes, and about $1 of every $5 paid for ads21., $300 million, and the $600 million TripAdvantage affiliate program: Some $300m in total, plus millions of coupon codes for trips22.”” and its sister site


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