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The trend is for men’s and women’s lifestyle brands to start rolling out digital lifestyle shoes, which include smartwatches, fitness trackers and smart headphones.

It is the latest in a series of digital trend-related moves from brands including the Adidas Originals and LG to give consumers access to digital technology and to provide a more personalized shopping experience.

Read moreDigital lifestyle shoes were launched by brands including Adidas Origics, LG, and LG.

But many consumers don’t know what digital technology is and they are confused about whether they are getting an electronic watch or a smartwatch, said Richard Jansen, global head of consumer products at retail consultancy Dentsu.

He said the question of whether the new footwear is a smart watch or not depends on whether the device is a smartphone or a tablet.

“If you want to get the digital lifestyle, you have to get a smart phone or tablet and it’s not going to be like the old days of getting an e-reader, for example,” Mr Jansen said.

“The smartphone is an accessory that comes with it, and then you need to pay a premium for the digital experience.”

So the smart watch is a bit more like a device than an accessory.

It’s not like an iPad.

“Mr Jansen believes that some consumers might be better served by getting a smart smartphone rather than a digital lifestyle shoe.”

You want to be able to get things like a music player or a fitness tracker on a smartphone,” he said.”[They’re] not as good as a digital fitness or a digital watch.

“The question of what kind of digital experience to expect is a question many people are asking.”

I think people are really interested in having more options,” he told ABC News Breakfast.”

They want to know what they can do with their smartphone, and it seems like they have to be a little bit more creative with how they want to access their content.

“But digital lifestyle brands are not just selling smartwares, they are also launching new digital accessories.”

People are increasingly trying to connect with their phones and their devices and to see how they can interact with their digital experiences, whether it’s a music app, whether they want a fitness app, or whether they’re looking for a fitness tracker,” Mr Dentsus said.



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