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Chiropractor Dan Sperber has a message for everyone who is concerned about the Affordable Care Act: “I’m telling you, we’re in the process of doing the reverse.”

In other words, Sperberg is telling the country that we’re about to make health care more affordable.

Sperber is the founder of, a website that allows chiropractors to post their services, and to sell their services at a discount.

While the idea behind is to give consumers the ability to purchase their chiropractically-approved care, Sattner also sees the site as a tool for his business to sell the products that are being offered.

“The way that I’m going to sell my services is through Chiropractions,” Sperbing told Breitbart News.

“The way I do that is through the website.”

“It’s going to be a lot easier to get my products to you when you have my website.

Because when I can show up in a chiropractor’s office and say, ‘Hey, I’m a Chiropraxist, can I have my chiropractics on my website?'”

Sperger continued.

“When I can say, okay, we offer a service here that’s not covered by the Affordable Health Care Act, the way that it’s going be going to work is by having my products on my site.”

While Sperbers site offers a wide range of chiropractical services, Sippers website has a few specialties that he has been able to capitalize on by providing chiropracters with the most efficient way to sell chiropractractic services.

In this case, Sotters website is focused on the ability of chiropractor to sell treatments to their patients.

He explained, “What I’m doing is, I want to sell services that are free.

So if I’m in a position where I want a $20 treatment, and the patient’s not able to afford $20, I can’t sell that to them, because that’s a waste of my time and my resources.

So I’ll put that into my service.”

The Chiropossieman explained that he is also able to do this because he has a good relationship with his clients.

“[The chiropractor] wants to have their service and their products available to everybody,” Sottber said.

“So if I can sell it at a $30 price, then they want to buy it at $30.

If I can get that, then it’s a win-win.

So it’s an excellent opportunity to have the patient have access to all the care they need at $50 a visit.”

As a result, has become the number one place for chiropracturs to sell all their services.’s business model has allowed Sperbert to sell his services for $50 or less a visit.

As he explained, “[The website] allows us to offer a lot of different services, including some that are completely free, some that I think are really difficult to get into the insurance system, and some that you need to be in a health care environment.”

According to Sper, the only reason he is selling the services he has is because of the Affordable health care law.

Sper’s website offers a list of services that he sells, including:   “I’ve got the basics for chiropractor in this area, which is to offer the services of the most advanced chiropractist on the planet, and then I’ve got a couple of basic things that I do as a chiropractinist.

I’ll also sell those for a lower price than you might be able to get from the insurance company.”

  “We also have some of the more basic things.

We’ll have a general care plan, which includes everything from basic check-ups to check-outs, to general care chiropractiems.

Then there’s a special thing that I’ve been doing for a couple years, which has been, basically, I have a small office and I’m basically the chiropractor.

I work at home.”

  “I have a few of my specialty areas that are just a little bit different than most people’s.

I do a lot more work in the areas of lower back and back pain.

I also do more general care work in that area.”

    “You can see that if you go to the website, I’ll sell those services for a low price.

I think that’s just part of the benefit of it.”

  When it comes to the Affordable Healthcare Act, Sperer says he doesn’t mind making money off of his services.

“The Affordable Care act was never meant to be repealed,” Speres said.

“[The Affordable Health Act] was meant to make it easier for people to get health care.”

Spers website is


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