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A couple years ago, I was a pretty typical teenager, watching sports on TV while I ate dinner and watched a few cartoons on my phone.

Today, though, I can’t sit at home without an iPad or a smartphone, which makes it even easier to stay connected with the games I love.

My favorite sports franchises, including the San Francisco 49ers and the Miami Dolphins, are both owned by Apple, and the NFL has a growing roster of new apps that make it easy to follow all of the teams’ games.

This week, I’m looking forward to a new addition to my favorite sports app drawer, the NFL Drop Zone app.

The NFL DropZone app lets you follow all the latest NFL action, including your favorite team’s games, all from your iPhone or iPad.

“The NFL is known for their big and fast game, and this app will give you the ability to see the game live on your TV,” said Dan Zalewski, chief marketing officer at DropZone.

“We also hope it will allow fans to connect with their favorite teams and other fans via their social media platforms.”

The NFL has more than 400 teams across seven divisions.

In addition to the NFL teams, there are more than a dozen minor league teams, including some that aren’t yet active.

The DropZone App features all the games available in the app’s database.

It’s a great way to get your game on in the offseason.

When I’m not watching games on my iPhone or tablet, I spend my time trying to follow the news and learn more about the NFL.

For instance, I like to check out what teams are practicing, as they’re on the field, or what players are participating in the upcoming preseason.

I also check out the NFL website to learn more on each team’s latest moves, which includes a preview of each game.

The NFL Dropzone app has an all-new user interface for fans to enjoy.

The app is a lot of fun to use, but it can be frustrating to navigate.

The app doesn’t show the schedule, so fans have to search and type in their favorite team name and the date they plan to watch the game.

That’s a little tedious, but that’s also where the app shines.

You can easily navigate to specific games with a single tap on the schedule or the team name.

It also features a quick, fun way to browse and select specific players.

When a game is on, fans will be able to watch it live.

In the DropZone, they can watch live games from the comfort of their homes, without the hassle of having to navigate to the game on TV.

The team’s website will show the current game, the team’s schedule, and what fans can expect to see on the game day.

You’ll also be able see stats about each team, including their win percentage, total points, and total yards.

The NFL app will be available in app stores starting in September, with the NFL’s schedule available on August 1.

You also can find a preview version of the NFL app on the NFL Store, which you can get right now for free.

Follow all the action with the dropzone app on your iPhone and iPad.

You have access to all of your favorite teams on DropZone through the NFL apps, which also includes, NFL Network, and NFL Mobile.

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