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“The brand is the word.

The brand is how we get more people to listen to what we’re saying.

So, we’ve got a very unique brand,” said Raffaele Percivali, the executive vice president of social media and marketing for the brand, which launched in September 2016.

“It’s not just about the tea.

It’s about the lifestyle and the lifestyle awareness tea, and it’s something that we think is really cool.”

It’s also about the product.

The tea comes in a small cup that has a light green-tinged aroma.

Its design, which has the word “SWINGING” in bold letters above the cup, is reminiscent of an old-fashioned tea kettle.

Percivita’s products are also free of artificial flavors and preservatives, a feature that’s been adopted by many companies across the world.

“The tea is actually not artificial,” Perciva said.

“We do use organic tea in our product, but it’s not something that is artificial.

It is made from the natural ingredients that you find in nature, so we use only natural ingredients.”

The brand’s slogan “Lifestyle awareness” is a play on a common term in China, which is known as “Loving.”

It is a term that can be used to describe a person’s social and lifestyle habits, according to the website for the product, which was launched by Percivia in May.

In China, people have been using the term “lifestyle” to describe the way they live their lives.

For example, a Chinese woman might refer to her lifestyle as “living life to the fullest,” or she might use the term to describe her own habits, such as taking a walk in the morning.

A woman in Brazil might say, “I am a loving woman, I am a positive person.”

It has become an increasingly popular phrase among Chinese consumers, who are also increasingly becoming active online.

The phrase “Living life to reach your full potential” is also used in other countries in Southeast Asia, according the company.

For Percivas, the company’s new brand aims to provide a “global alternative to the tea kettle.”

It will feature a series of teas with a different name and description each time, and then be available in three-pack teas, per package.

The company is also launching an online store that will sell a variety of tea products, which include some of Percita’s teas.

“A lot of tea drinkers are going to be interested in having their own tea,” Percaiva said, “but for us, it’s about bringing that tea into the marketplace and creating a brand.”

The company’s products also have a social media presence on the brand’s website.

For a free cup of the tea, users can enter a number in the box and receive a photo of themselves with their cup.

There are also three types of teabags that are available for purchase: a free one, a $10 one and a $50 one.

For each one, the user can also choose whether to share the photo on social media.

There is also a free pack of the “Swinging Tea” tea.

The brand has been testing the tea products and its marketing strategy for more than a year, and the brand has had more than 2,500 customers so far, according percivitas.

The team is also trying to expand into other markets, such like India and the Middle East.

“We think that the tea is a great brand, and we want to use it to bring awareness and increase awareness to a lot of other brands that are trying to take tea and tea drinkers and change the way that they consume tea,” said Percivo.

“And it’s a really cool way to get a lot more people interested in tea and in the lifestyle.”