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Bond fans are being left with the awkward choice of watching Bond movies and then watching a Bond movie together.

Bond’s iconic role as spy, MI6 agent and Bond villain is synonymous with the world of entertainment.

While it may be easy to fall back on the films we all grew up with, Bond films have a history of being more than just movies.

Bond movies are a way of connecting us to the past and present.

Bond is a symbol of friendship, loyalty and the bond between man and machine.

The relationship between the spy and the spy is a staple of every movie.

Bond films also have a special place in our culture.

The characters in Bond films are symbols of our love for this world.

Bond has a powerful place in the hearts of many Americans, especially those who are in their late 20s or early 30s.

The actor, writer and director, James Bond, has been an inspiration to so many.

Bond fans and Bond fans alike love the movie and its characters.

Here’s a list of some of the things you should know about James Bond movies.


Bond was a spy before he was a Bond.

According to the biography, “James Bond, the Spy Who Loved Me” by author Michael Crichton, James “Bond” Bond first joined MI6 when he was 14 years old.

He later worked in MI6 until he was 21.

Cricht wrote, “Bonds true and enduring legacy is his ability to inspire, inspire and inspire again.”


James Bond is considered one of the greatest spies of all time.

According the biography “James, the Bond” by Michael Crochton, Bond “served in the Special Operations Branch of the British Secret Service from 1945 to 1949.

The role of Agent 007 was so influential that he is known as ‘the greatest spy of all times.'”

According to Crichson, Bond was born in 1945 and moved with his family from Glasgow, Scotland, to London, England.

His father was a military officer and his mother a school teacher.

“Biff was born into a family of working class Scots and Irish who were proud of their Scottish heritage.

He grew up on a farm, learning how to farm and raising cattle and sheep.”


James Bonds first meeting with his nemesis, the Red Skull.

James “The Man With the Golden Gun” Bond (aka MI6 Director James Bond) was born on October 14, 1947 in Glasgow, England, and was raised in the area.

According a biography of the movie, “The Spy Who Seduced Me,” James Bond’s first meeting “with the Red Baron” took place when he had just turned 16 years old, at the age of 18.

He had just started his career as a spy when his parents were invited to the Royal Balmoral Hotel in Scotland to meet the spy who was to become his partner.

According Crichs biography, James was initially “surprised” by the fact that the spy had a gun, but he soon found out that the Red Captain had a penchant for hunting bears and that he could “take care of business.”

According to another biography of “The Red Baron,” Bond’s early childhood was “cautious” and his parents “brought him to live with the Red Cross in the village of Kintyre, which had been the scene of one of his earliest adventures.”

According the BBC, Bond had a “gift for the outdoors.”


James has two children by his first wife, Lola.

According an article in Vanity Fair, “He [Bond] married Lola in 1951, at age 24, and the couple had two children: one, Ian Fleming, who would become Bond in 1954, and one, Daisy, who was born the following year.

James later married a third wife, Barbara Hutton, in 1963.

He is survived by his third wife Lola, who died in 2000.”


James is known for his iconic voice and facial expressions.

According Vanity Fair’s article, “His trademark look was often captured by actor Peter Sellers, who played the villainous villainous character Bond, and by actor Ian Fleming who played him, James.”

According Crichets biography, Bond is known to have a great sense of humor.

“One time Bond was on a tour of the city of London, with the help of a local shopkeeper who was a fan of his work, and when the tour group stopped to enjoy a meal at a restaurant on the edge of town, Bond asked the waiter to hold a candle for him.

He did this because he loved the way the waiter held the candle.

When he saw the man’s face, he smiled and asked the customer, ‘What do you think of your friend’s face?’

The man was surprised and said, ‘It’s fantastic!'”


James was known for playing a different type of villain in every movie he made.

According “The Greatest Spy of All Time,”


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