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Donald Trump is “the most divisive president we’ve ever had” and he should have been ousted in 2017, the House of Commons Speaker, Peter Bone, has said.

The US president has been in office since January 20, 2018, and is the subject of a separate investigation into possible obstruction of justice.

The Speaker said the country’s “first female president” was a “dangerous distraction” to the country.

“The country has suffered from a very dangerous distraction, Donald Trump,” Mr Bone told MPs.

“He is the most divisive President we’ve had and he needs to be removed.”

The Speaker, who has also been a critic of the president’s response to the deadly attack in Quebec, said Mr Trump’s behaviour was “disgraceful” and “unacceptable”.

“He has been a danger to our democracy and our society for far too long,” Mr Bones told MPs on Tuesday.

Mr Bone said the House was “confused” about what happened in Quebec and what Mr Trump could have done to stop the attacks.

He added that the president had failed to do his duty as the leader of the free world.

Mr Trump tweeted in July that “nobody really knows” whether the attack was linked to the US president’s immigration ban.

In the wake of the attacks, Mr Bone urged the president to resign.

He said: “You have failed your constitutional duty and the American people have failed their duty by rejecting this president.”

He added: “We are the only superpower in the world and you have failed to uphold our values and our values have failed you.”

Mr Bone also said he would not back down on his criticism of the US leader’s actions.

“I’m not going to stop talking about him,” Mr Trump said in July.

“But the American public has had enough of me.

I’m going to be the president of the United States.”

‘The only superpower’ The House of Lords Speaker said Mr Bone should be sacked if he “wishes to do it now”.

He added he did not want to make a public apology for his comments, but was “very disappointed” in the speaker.

The House is currently debating whether Mr Bone is allowed to return to the chamber.

He was first elected in November to a three-year term in 2018.


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