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Posted September 06, 2018 16:04:37 Dubai is the latest city to launch a new social media platform aimed at attracting business and financial users.

Dubai is aiming to be the hub of the global high-tech economy and a major financial hub.

The city’s Al Ain Business Center is aiming for “a more modern, inclusive and sustainable economy” with a goal of attracting $5 billion in revenue by 2022.

It has launched its new social-media platform, Dubai Lifestyle, to attract more than 4,000 businesses and businesses owners from all over the UAE to help them grow their businesses and increase their social media presence.

“Dubai Lifestyle aims to bring together the people and companies in the Dubai region, to ensure that our businesses thrive and the local economy thrives,” said the city’s Business Minister Khaled al-Mansouri.

In a video posted to its Facebook page, Dubai said it would host a special event on Tuesday for UAE businesses to discuss its plan to launch the new platform.

Businesses will be able to post on the Dubai Lifestyles website, which is owned by the UAE Government, what they want to promote in the coming weeks, and the event will be broadcast live on YouTube.

But what’s unique about Dubai Lisure, according to Al Mansouri, is that it’s an online platform where businesses can post their business ideas, videos, photos and content.

And unlike Facebook, the UAE has a public policy where business owners can freely promote their business, and it can be shared widely.

Al Mansouri also said that Dubai Lature also allows businesses to post their latest revenue, profit and loss figures, and what they have spent on marketing and branding.

“We want to make sure that people know about Dubai and we want to encourage our citizens to travel to Dubai,” he said.

As well as boosting the economy, Dubai is also aiming to become a financial hub, with a new global banking arm and an infrastructure bank to provide services to the financial sector.

One of the pillars of Dubai Life is its low-cost entry.

The Dubai Lifting Business Centre will charge $20 for business registrations.

Businesses will have to pay the fee upfront, and then the company can access its accounts in just a few hours, according.

Its not the first venture to take Dubai Lift to the next level.

Last year, Dubai launched the Dubai Social Media Marketing Centre.

Last year, the Dubai government launched a Dubai Lifts website, aimed at connecting businesses and residents.


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