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Yahoo has launched a new feature that lets users see which of its most popular lifestyle brands are currently the most popular in their age group.

The company said in a blog post Wednesday that it has partnered with the Pew Research Center to create a ranking of the top 50 brands by how many singles are currently following them on Instagram.

The feature was first launched in September 2015.

The site will launch in a future update.

Forbes said the site will allow users to see which brands have been the most important to their daily lives, including the most recent 30 days of activity, top-rated content and the most recently completed activities.

Among the top-ranked brands, a new entry from the travel and fashion giant Nordstrom comes in at number 14. 

Top-ranking brands will be displayed on a separate tab for young people, the company said.

For example, young people will be able to see that a brand is the most valuable to their life if it’s the most used in their Instagram feeds. 

According to Forbes, young women are particularly interested in a brand that “is the most trusted brand, with the most Instagram followers, the most active and the youngest followers.

They’re also the most likely to share their personal brand on social media and to see their brands on the top list.”