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In an unusual twist of fate, the creator of the cult hit television show Bitch Planet has been awarded a $5 million contract from Disney.

The deal, which will be announced this afternoon, will pay author and BitchPlanet creator, Kristin Davis, a salary of $4 million.

Davis will also receive a $2 million grant to help her transition to a career as a screenwriter.

The $5m deal will be signed by Davis’ agent, James Eichenberger, and her former agent, Michael Belskus, who will also sign Davis.

Davis was nominated for a Tony Award in 2016 for Bitchplanet, which aired on Netflix.

In the series, a group of college students are recruited by the local college to try to become a team, while their ex-lover, a male wrestler, is left behind.

In total, she will make $1 million this year.

Disney also announced this morning that it will donate $5,000 to Davis’ education fund, the Kristin and Michael Davis Foundation, to help pay for her college education.

Bitchtopia airs on Netflix every Thursday at 8pm EST.

In addition to Davis, Disney has also signed former Bitchstars Kristen Bell, Taylor Lautner, Sarah Hyland, and Natalie Dormer to the Bitch Project.

Davis is also currently writing a book about the Bitches, which she hopes to release later this year in a “self-help” format.


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