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Posted by James in news | September 13, 2018 15:37:00 When it comes to being in a relaxed, relaxing space, James, whose husband is a freelance photographer, is not too fond of the couch.

He and his wife are using an Apple Watch, a Garmin Vivosmart GPS and a pair of Beats headphones to relax.

“We can’t get enough of it,” he said.

“It’s a way of getting outside and getting out of our head and back into the real world.”

In fact, the couple’s favourite way to relax is to go out and play golf.

They’ve been to a few courses on the island, and they’ve even been to the nearby Royal Adelaide Hospital for a photo shoot.

Mr and Mrs Smith have been out on the water with their two dogs for several days now, as well as spending time with their children, who are still recovering from a night out in Adelaide’s CBD.

“They’re just super happy.

They’re loving it, really.

They love it.

They really like it,” Mr Smith said.

The couple have been taking part in several other activities in the meantime, including walking, swimming, canoeing and even biking.

But the couple say the main thing they miss most is the company of their two young sons, who have not been around for long.

“The only time they’re really away is when we’re relaxing, and when we come back to the house,” Mr and Ms Smith said, adding that they miss getting their children to come and visit them.

“But they’re not even there.

They are there with us, with the kids,” Mr Shoe said.

They have no plans to go back to Australia anytime soon, but they are taking a break from travel in order to continue living a healthier lifestyle.


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