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In her new book, You’re a Hero, My Daughter’s Daughter is a memoir by a feminist writer who has struggled with a complicated relationship with her mother.

The book is a collection of essays, and it was co-written with her daughter, who has now been diagnosed with autism.

It’s a collection that seems to be a collection for her own story, a self-exploration that was written to highlight her struggles with the gender binary.

She talks about her childhood as a transgender girl, her gender identity, and her struggle to live in a patriarchal world.

Her mother has always been the center of the story, but in the book, she talks about how the way she is treated in her own family has influenced her feminism.

“She has always wanted to be treated like any other woman.

But she also has a different perspective of feminism that she has developed in the last three years of her life, and that has shaped the way I view feminism in general,” she writes.

The book is filled with anecdotes, and the stories of the women who are her age and her peers are full of them.

One woman, she writes, has a husband who she describes as “always looking out for her.”

Another woman, who was raped at age five, says she was bullied for her gender, and in adulthood, her father came out to her.

And another woman, whose story is told in the middle of a violent and racist violence in her neighborhood, writes about being a survivor and her journey to acceptance.

This book has all these stories, she says.

“But the most important part is that this book is really about women’s experiences.

They are all about feminism and about who we are.”

My daughter is so smart and so articulate, and this is a very real book, and I think that speaks to a lot of people, as well as me.

It’s a real book about who I am and what I am.

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