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Apple TV 4K support was one of the biggest highlights of the iPhone Xs and Xs Max, and now the streaming media device is getting a new update that brings 4K streaming to Apple TV devices.

The company has also included a new Siri voice interface for the devices, which is an update that’s available on the Apple TV website and through the app store.

The new 4K Apple TV support update adds support for a new 4k output for Apple TV and a new streaming app called Apple TV Now.

Apple TV users can now watch 4K content from Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, HBO Go, and Hulu, and Apple TV also supports Amazon’s new Prime Now video streaming service.

The Apple TV app also includes support for Apple’s Siri voice-recognition system, which can be used to make calls and navigate the device’s home screen.

Apple’s app has also been updated to include a new section for “Apple TV 4k streaming.”

The new Apple TV is now the most powerful Apple TV streaming device out there, with a powerful, 4K TV tuner and an 8-megapixel camera for capturing video and photos.

The new Apple Remote app is also available to stream the content from the Apple television’s camera.

Apple has been working on the new Apple-made Siri-based voice-interaction system for Apple devices for years, and it’s a huge step forward for the platform.

Siri’s voice recognition capabilities are so powerful that it can even recognize the color of the person you’re speaking to, so users can make Siri-enabled calls and control the system via the iPhone’s camera without having to hold their iPhone to speak to Siri.

But Apple has also made some changes to Siri in the past year to improve the system’s accuracy, including a new feature that makes Siri more specific to certain situations, like when talking to a celebrity.