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More than 10,000 people took part in the vote, with more than 5,000 voting in favour of each film.

The winners included the latest Bond films and their predecessors: Spectre, Skyfall, The World Is Not Enough, A View to a Kill and The World is Not Enough: Part 2.

Read more  – The Hollywood Reporter  The top five Bond films are:Skyfall: 1,848 votes, followed by Spectre (1,621 votes) and The Adventures of Tintin (1 and 1,051 votes each).

Spectre: 1.5 million votes, behind Skyfall (1.8 million), followed by The Adventures.

Spectre 2: 1 million votes.

The Adventures of James Bond (Theatrical Release): 1.4 million votes in favour.

A View to A Kill: 1 and 1 votes.

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