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LOS ANGELES — A baby-sitter is hoping to cash in on the baby boom, opening a new franchise in downtown Los Angeles.

Baby-sitters have long been a common sight in New York and Los Angeles, and are a popular source of income for some of the world’s most expensive homes.

But the business is booming in the Los Angeles market, as baby-care companies open new locations in the city and other areas.

The baby-sharing business is taking off in LA, said Bethany Ochoa, the owner of New Baby Spa, which is in the process of opening a boutique and catering service in Los Angeles’s Sunset district.

Ochoa said baby-sharers are coming to LA to find a place to share their babies and help each other out in the changing home market.

“There are so many baby-related businesses in Los and Orange counties that are open, so people are starting to think about what they can do for each other, and they’re doing it with baby sharing,” she said.

Odoas husband is a registered nurse.

She said the trend has been building for years and will continue to do so.

Baby sharing isn’t illegal in the United States, but there are restrictions, including laws prohibiting the selling of baby formula.

Baby food is the biggest item on a baby’s shopping list.

The company Baby Basket offers a variety of baby foods, including baby wipes, wipes and diapers.

Baby care supplies are another hot seller, including Baby Pills, diapers and formula.

Bethany Odoas says the trend is building in the LA market, and she expects the number of baby-friendly businesses will continue.

Odaas husband, a licensed nurse, is also an owner of the nursery business, Baby Puddles.

She thinks there are going to be more baby-centric businesses opening in the coming years.

Odonas said she has noticed an uptick in baby-specific baby-shopping sites and baby-free baby shopping in the past year.

“It’s just been amazing.

We’re doing everything together, and we have a lot of baby babies,” she told ABC News.

Baby Puddls is planning to expand to more than 20 stores in the next year.

Oonas said the idea of baby sharing was born after the couple had a baby together and realized they could not share all the care products.

She also believes baby-themed baby items could appeal to baby-loving millennials, as well as parents who may be considering baby-dipping or selling their children’s products.