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The latest Bella-centric game, Bella Lives, is a fun, whimsical, and silly adventure game set in a world where people are still obsessed with their hair.

The series is based on the author’s blog posts and the game is currently in the early stages of development, but if you’re curious to see what you can expect, be sure to check out the Bella Life trailer below.

The series is currently under development, and it’s set to be released in 2018.

If you’re interested in the series, you can get an early look at Bella Live right here.

In addition to the BeLLa lifestyle series, there are a couple of other games in the works as well.

The first is a puzzle game called BeLLA Puzzle, which is currently set in the fictional city of New York.

You’re tasked with solving a series of puzzles as a group of friends in this world.

You’ll need to explore each area to find hidden items that will unlock new locations and quests for you to complete.

The second is a game called BELLA Lives.

The BeLLas are obsessed with having a good time in New York, so they plan to open a bar called the BeLA Lounge, where they plan on having live shows.

You will be able to order drinks and take photos with other BeLLAs in the bar and be able make your own BeLLs and dance in the back.

There are other Bella series on the way, too.

The next BeLL series, BeLLB, will be released sometime in 2018, and there’s also a BeLLC series in the making.