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The health care system is in crisis, and California has seen its share of the crises.

The state’s population has exploded, and the cost of health care has skyrocketed.

A recent study found that California spends more per capita on health care than any other state.

But for those who have coverage through their employers, the cost is more or less the same. 

It’s no secret that California’s healthcare system is on the verge of collapse.

“If you don’t have health insurance, the bill is going to go up,” said Sam Mascaro, an attorney with the California Association of Health Plans.

“The system is so bad that you can’t afford to have a car.”

With the federal government shutting down and the states facing a severe budget crunch, California’s public health care and healthcare insurance systems have been left to their own devices.

California has some of the highest uninsured rates in the nation, according to a new Kaiser Family Foundation study.

It also ranks in the bottom half of states in terms of how many uninsured adults and children.

The Kaiser study found nearly 8.7 million people in the state are covered through a health insurance plan.

In addition, nearly 9 million people, or about 9.3 percent of the population, have private health insurance.

The number of people without health insurance in the U.S. is expected to more than double in the next few years.

But some argue that the crisis is far from over.

The California Medical Association has proposed a plan that would require employers with 50 or more workers to offer health insurance for their employees.

It would also allow insurance companies to charge people more if they don’t get enough care.

The proposal would also make it easier for employers to opt out of covering people with pre-existing conditions, like asthma. 

California has become an epicenter for the nation’s healthcare crisis.

The State of California has an estimated 26 million uninsured people, according the Kaiser Family Family Foundation, and some estimates peg the number at more than 50 million.

And with the state struggling with a high cost of living and a rising death toll, it’s become the epicenter of the country’s health care crisis.

Mascaro said that as long as the federal shutdown is in place, the system is going bankrupt.

A recent Kaiser Family report found that between October and December, the California state budget for 2020 was $9.8 billion less than it would have been without the shutdown.

That means that about half of the state’s budget is now in jeopardy, said Mascarro.

“That’s not going to end well.

This is not going away.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report.