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The mother of a 7-year-old girl who was bitten by an exotic pet has been recovering from the procedure.

Lisa and her husband were visiting the Florida Keys in early August when they decided to take their son on a safari, the Naples News-Journal reported.

Lisa said she and her son, who is now 4, were walking along the beach when a scorpio crawled into their arms.

“I turned around and he grabbed me by my hair and pulled me into the water,” Lisa told the newspaper.

“It was terrifying.

I had my mouth and I couldn’t breathe, so I started yelling, ‘Mommy, please help me!'”

Lisa said her son screamed and tried to get away from the snake, but he was bitten on the shoulder.

“I was so scared, I couldn`t breathe,” she told the Naples news-journal.

The scorpio was later euthanized, but Lisa said she hopes it will help other children with similar experiences.

“He’s an awesome scorpion, I can’t even imagine,” Lisa said.

The family plans to travel to Florida again this fall, when Lisa will take her son to see the state`s new attraction, the Great White Shark, which opens next year.